Browser and keyboard - Yes, please

by I_am_Maria - 10/6/09 3:41 AM

In Reply to: Browser On TV by Samsung_HD_Tech Samsung staff

Even though I don't need half the connectivity features bundled with my 8 Series LED (I can do so much more, and do it so much easier hooking it up directly to my laptop), I bought it hoping the widgets would take off and that I'd be able to do more directly on my TV in the future.

However, I got fed up of the virtual keyboard after about 2 mins, as I suspect many people have/will. I'm now not sure about how successful widgets will be without the option of a keyboard.

As far as the browser goes - my laptop has been my complete entertainment and communication center. I'd love for my tv to take over that role, the addition of a browser would bring me a step closer.

Just my 2 cents.