Last place first

by bodybyjeep - 9/23/09 5:33 PM

In Reply to: My recent headache by Erica Cris

Your Jeep is much more complicated than mine because of the added sensors to the emissions system and newer computer (PCM). My '94 4.0L is almost new again because of all the sensors that I replaced so far and in the end it finally quit stalling after I replaced the crankshaft position sensor. The computer kept telling me to replace the camshaft position sensor and when I did it still stalled, plus it kept telling me to replace it. Anyway, I say look in the last place I looked and cut to the chase, replace the crankshaft position sensor and see how that goes, $60 or so and not too hard to do. It is usually hard to get to but patience and some really long ratchet extensions will get it done. Mechanics will ask for $160 or a little more to do it, bull****, get someone to tackle it for you.

ps My PCM wouldn't detect that it was bad, no codes that pointed to it.