My recent headache

Hi everyone--I'm hoping one of you can give me some advice, because my mechanics sure can't!

It started almost 2 weeks ago, I stayed home sick from work so my boyfriend took my 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo to work. On the way to and from work it would stall on him while in motion! He didn't call to tell me about it until it started happening in the afternoon because he knew I would worry. He thought maybe I got bad gas, but it was from the same gas station we always go to, plus he got gas from there and his car was fine.

We took it to my mechanic who figured my fuel filter was horribly clogged, so much so that only grimmy black fuel with specs dripped out and he couldn't even blow through the filter. I got the car back and it still had the same issues, only now it stalled while I was driving it, alone, on a busy highway during am rush hour traffic! When I started it it was fine, about 5-8 minutes after driving when I had to come to my first deceleration because the traffic in front of me was backing up it started sputtering and shaking and then stalled out. Thankfully I got it over on the shoulder before it actually stalled. It wouldn't turn back over so I left it off for 2-3 mins and then let it sit on and idle for about 5. I got across the highway and then of course it drove fine all the way to the mechanic shop. He determined that the clogged filter must have worn out the fuel pump and it needs to be replaced. So he had the Jeep for 3 days, changed the fuel pump and some more filters inside the tank. When I went to pick up the Jeep it was still doing the same thing! So $600 later and no working vehicle. I finally broke down and brought it to the dealership for a further diagnosis and it is still there (today is day 2 at the dealer). The mechanics there can't find what's wrong--now it won't act up for them. Here's the information I gave the dealer service center--does anyone know what may be wrong with my Jeep, other then it being a major POS!?

- stalls while in motion
- stalls after running for 5-10 mins
- stalls while sitting idle after turning on after car has been sitting off for 4 hours or more
- replaced fuel filer and pump
- idles incredibly hard (i.e. shakes alot when idle)
- no dash lights have ever come on
- when hooked up to the computer monitor, no code present
- while it was sitting idle my boyfriend slightly touched the wires at the end of the fuel injector strip (I'm not car-savy so I'll try to explain this: there are 2 wires that face towards you near the front of the engine, almost to the fan, that feed into the harness of all the fuel injectors--the cable covering is coming apart but he barely touched that area and the car immediately died twice)

- I had 6 sensors replaced in Oct 2008
- New battery put in Jan 2009
- New seal replaced on rear axle berring and new rear differntial fluid in Feb 2009 (no affiliation, just more money)
- Fuel filter replaced in Sept 2009
- Fuel pummp replaced in Sept 2009

The mechanics are leaning towards the crank and cam sensors or an electrical problem, but they can't find anything until it acts up again--which it won't because it's in the shop. If anyone has info that would help me, please write--the car is becoming very unsafe and I don't feel comfortable driving it anymore. If I cannot find a resolution I'm going to trade it in--I can't have a money pit or an unreliable car.