Jeep Elecrical problem too

by missfixit7 - 9/18/09 12:09 PM

In Reply to: need help realy bad by nvltgo

I've been reading the posts b/c my 04 Jeep Grand Cherokee is on the fritz. It won't start even with a jump, the gages spin frantically as if alien ship nearby, and remote key doesn't work anymore. I'm wondering if maybe the Repair Shop may have done something to trigger this. About 3 weeks ago, the electric seat wasn't moving frontward or backward, so I took it to shop and they fixed it. Air Condition wasn't blowing out a lot of cool air, so got that repaired along with some sensors and stuff. Got in car to leave, it didn't start, the battery needed replacing. So, I replaced the battery. Total bill around $1000. Could it be that the shop may have "messed up" something or could this be a legitamate new issue? It just seems everytime someone from my household goes in for one thing, coinsedentally(sp?) something is on the fritz, too.