Sony "Tech" support may be reading from a script

by pshelnut1 - 9/12/09 3:37 PM

In Reply to: Sony basically tells me to go blow by oslo81

I have the same TV KDF55WF655, same problem. My extended warranty, which I purchased from Circuit City, paid for the first Optical Block replacement in 2007. The warranty just ran out in April 2009. Now I'm starting to get the same blue blob. I called Sony today and got the run-around, same as everyone else. I mentioned that the new OB apparently was as defective as the first one. The "tech" said that extension that Sony provided us (out of the kindness of their hearts)expired 12/31/2009. I will NEVER purchase another Sony product and I will do my best to spread the word about their customer no-service and my disappointment with how they are handling the OB problems. I'm not a wealthy person, it took years for me to pay off this TV and I certainly can't afford the repair cost or another TV.