don 't give up yet on getting back at Sony!

by souri amirani - 9/12/09 12:38 PM

In Reply to: Sony basically tells me to go blow by oslo81

Here's what I saw on the "getsatisfaction" web site regaring the OB issue. Alan write that he has a lot of resources and collected information how to let the Public know about Sony TV issues. hisemail address
and I have pasted his comment below.

alan replied 1 month ago
anyone else have the kdf55 we655 model in michigan I have been advised legally that EVERYONE should take sony to small claims court can anyone tell me who i should serve the papers to in michigan and after all the hurdles sony has put all of us thru I have been advised to sue for the maximum amount your small claims court allows you to sue for . Simple fact Sony already has admitted deceptively that the o.b. are defective by offering to replace them up until dec.31 2008. the funny, sad, ironic however you want to put it is i have owned this tv for 3 years paid $3000 for it and sony has already replaced the o.b. on my tv once although i had to pay half the cost and here i am 2 years later with the same problem they claimed they fixed with the overwhelming evidence we all have take sony to small claims court in your state its a slam dunk that sony will pay then and some why continue wasting our time dealing with sony when they will not simply fix the problem this way we win and sony loose big time!!!! feel free to contact me Small claims court is the only way to get a quick and fair solution to this ever ongoing problem. keep in mind small claims judges or magistrates tend to be very symphathetic to consumers over greedy corporations who knowingly and willing deceive the American consumers in these difficult times we all endure.