Sony basically tells me to go blow

by oslo81 - 9/12/09 11:40 AM

In Reply to: Optical block . . . by Coryphaeus

I have the KDF-55WF655, and Sony Executive Customer 'Service' (Hank LeClaire - direct line 239 768 7625) gave the usual song and dance ($1350 for a tv that is already worth less than that, or 40% off an optical block repair), and then stonewalled. I have a new Toshiba 50" LCD on the way, and the KDF will soon be dremelled into chunks and scattered over Sony's Headquarters (it's final wishes).

We are done with Sony here. And we had Sony EVERYTHING.

ps. you can reach Sony CEO Howard Stringer here (, but he could give a crap. And I think that email address gets directly routed to Hank anyway...