I was thinking the same thing

by rpresner - 9/10/09 4:38 PM

In Reply to: Panasonic TC-P50V10 by jpbarkulis

I was also wondering the same thing. My friend showed me his tv. elite kuro . when it came in without the break in and later about 4 months down the line after he did 200 hours break in and there was no difference with the same settings or some others he test on the avsforums. I think people just are really overprotective of there huge investment. My friend bought his panny v10 and left the DVD paused for 5 hours with black boxes and after he realized it there was no IR( 3 days after having it)... i think its a thing of the past and the break in really not nessesary. Just enjoy your television and just becareful for the first 200 hours with black bars and tickers.. i know my boys tv did not have IR after the pausing but every set is different.