Denon Optical inputs ...Not Working

by ThomasTT - 9/9/09 8:31 PM

In Reply to: Check out the cable. by lingChange

Yes I have a 2 year old 3806 which I loved the sound of.. But a few months ago, the optical input I used for my digital Cable TV went intermittent & 2 weeks later died (as did all the other digital inputs-- Analog still worked) ... I got it fixed, tech told me it was a lose board... so $100 later it was back working..... 1 month later it went again, & this time things seem to be scrambled & menu & input selections were not responding.... Tech replaced the CPU for free & they said & it was working again.... Now another month went by of sonic enjoyment when the optical inputs are toast again.... This is not making me happy... I've been a Denon poster boy for 10 years but getting tired of ripping out my unit from all those connections & driving it to Repair & being left with the crappy Plasma speakers.... anyone chime in on this ?
Also Unrelated. do all receivers not pass through digital audio signals for copy protection.....
I have a lesser older amp in another room driving other speakers & analog signals from my Denon get there ok But Digital ones are muted..

Thanks Tom