Sony Bravia KDS-46V5100

by sealover9267 - 9/9/09 4:01 PM

In Reply to: same issue here! purchsed at Sears by disimilar1

I have the same problem like all of you, except I just got my Sony now in August 29, 09. I bought this TV last week of August, it was delivered to me on the 29th,today is Sept.9, I still today cant be in the room this tv is in and on for more than short time with windows open, this thing still smell awfull. I called Sony suport and they gave me a # to call for service if this smell does not go away. But in reading these posts I like some one else in this forum sees the same problem. I can still return this tv, but what if I get another tv and have the same problem with new tv, the smell, also I dont like any tecks messing with my new tv.I been keeping this tv powered on for appr. 5 to 6 hours per day every day with windows open in the whole house. The smell sems to be getting a litlle better/less but I cant belive that sony just keeps doing this, I would think that if their tvs emitt toxic odors they shoud be the ones dealing with the smell problem from their tvs, not their costumers. I,m gone run this for anothr week or so and see if the smell goes away, if not its gone have to go back to BB. I have lots of sony products in my house, and had sony tvs also in the past with no problems, but I cant belive that Sony doesent admitt that there is a problem with their lcd tvs and fix it. This will probably be my last Sony TV Sony, I have a 40" Samsung and there were no fumes coming from the Samsung tv when it was new, and it did not burn my lungs from toxic fumes like the Sony tv did. Someone mentione Class Action suit, if there is one count me in.