Panasonic TC-P50V10

by jpbarkulis - 9/9/09 6:04 AM

In Reply to: Panasonic TC-P50V10 picture settings by katzmaier CNET staff

I have a question about Picture settings break-in period. I was told that for the first hundred hours on a Plasma TV that you should have your settings set to Standard and the Brightness level below +50 (I have it at +45).
In an CNET article about Picture settings and calibration FAQ-Ask the Editors it said "Picture characteristics on any of HDTV do shift over time and are not as accurate on sets with a few hundred or more hours on it"
QUESTION....What do I ...... continue with the Plasma break-in period ( I probably have about 70- 80 hours already on the TV) or do I implement your Panasonic TC-P50V10 test review settings now?