Keeping it strong with this posting

Great post I just bought my pcm from the junk yard. I paid $60.00 bucks but I learned a lesson also. I think it was junk.. I do think its my pcm again...My 2000 grand cherokee 4x4 4.7 with 112.000 miles is in the dealership right now. I cant sleep now expecting them to tell me its gonna be one billion dollars. LOL anyways.. This is a great posting. Ill get some sleep and hopefully it will be cheaper in the morning. I think I already changed most of the senors and 3 coils. It runs great you just never know when its gonna die out. I wish I had a new pcm in my hands, from what ive been reading I should buy some stock in these pcm makers. These pcm's are worth there weight in gold if you can get a good one. Ill post what the dealer tells me about my jeeps flu Ive contracted. I do believe thats the tech name for my jeeps sickness. JEEP FLU!