by XNCRTA - 8/24/09 10:57 AM

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I had the intermittent stalling problem, replaced the crank sensor (per Jeep dealer's suggestion) said they were problems and wire shorted against case in addition to them going defective) (200.00 installed by my independent mechanic). Worked for two or three weeks, then the intermittent stalling started to come back, and with more frequency. I read all the posts I could find, and mechanics that were baffled had people spending lots of money trying various things, but they all seemed to point to the COMPUTER. I had another car with similar hairline cracks in the solder connections on circuit boards in the computer that were defective in manufacture. Age, and vibration caused intermittent problems. Replacing the board in that car solved the problems. I went to AUTOZONE and bought a remanufactured computer for 197.00. ANYONE could do the install themselves in less than a half hour. (Autozone will print out a how-to sheet for you too.) They have resoldered the circuits in these and have a one year guarantee. runs like a new JEEP. No more intermittent stalling, idles smoother, runs smoother. Solved other slight glitches with the radio, and dash lights ets.too. I believe that this will solve 90 percent of the problems out there with Jeeps and is one of the FIRST things people should try, NOT one of the LAST. Hope this helps someone. That's my story anyway.