by krhandyman - 8/23/09 3:33 PM

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You seem like a good person. I have been a backyard mechanic for about 11 years. I took a car in for a regular tune up and the next thing I knew was my transmission was going out. Since that point I have been very paranoid to say the least about taking my vehicles to a shop. I have been experiencing problems with my wife's 97 JGC 4x2 4.0. I finnaly reached my abilities and took it into a dealer in Salt Lake. They had our Jeep for 6 hours before the told me the Fuel pump was bad. The shop rate at this dealer is 71 a hour. That was a diagnosis fee of $426 plus tax. The fuel pump alone cost $415 from the dealer and another $142 to install it. The total cost came out to $1051.81. That did not fix the problem. When I took it back to the same dealer and told them it was still doing the same thing they took it for 2 hours and said that is all the time they can spend on it for free. If I wanted them to continue it would be the standard rate. What should I do at this point? I was a paying customer trusting in a dealers mechanic's to fix the problem. Instead I spend a lot of money and my car has a new fuel pump and still has issues. At this point there are only 2 things it could be. I could be gounding out somewhere. ( I am tracking my wiring ) or the ECM PCM. I did ask the dealer but they would not help me at all. I am a person that will never purchase or take my Jeep to that place again based on what I believe are overpriced and under trained people. I think that this is where many people are. I understand that people can make a mistake. That there are many thing that need to be checked when they are trying to find a needle in a haystack. But the way I was treated is just not the right thing to do. I do not have a issue paying for a service, but I do if the service I paid for is done wrong, incorrect or what ever you choose to call it. I feel the company should have looked into my car for at least the same amount of time they charged me for. Not a third of it.