Satellite tv on pc

by p0ck3taces - 8/15/09 11:42 AM

In Reply to: Satellite TV on PC by madmax1500

Here's the thing, if it has "satellite tv for pc", "satellite tv on PC" "streaming satellite" "digital tv for pc" or something along those lines, it's a scam... I have tried one of them before and had buddies who have tried others.

But, there is hope! I came across this, I guess they call it a squidoo page, one day and it reviews a satellite tv for pc program called John Q TV There's also a ton of other people giving high star ratings and good reviews on the page and they have a money back guarantee unlike the other programs. So I went ahead and got this program and I am very happy that I did. It really is exactly like a satellite tv, I love it and would recommend giving it a look.