In 2009 we can't get a stereo add on keeping volume constant

I find it interesting that in 2009 there appears to be no simple add-on for a home theater system that can automatically keep the volume to the speakers within a small range (say 1-2db) in real time, regardless of source volume.

For people living is apartments, it would make sense to have a system that could keep the volume constant as not to annoy the neighbors as one watches an action DVD and the volume is all over the place. I am forced to constantly adjust the volume to keep the actions scenes from rattling my neighbors teeth out, and increasing it to hear quiet conversation on the same movie.

Don't get me started on the fact that the cable company cannot maintain a constant volume between channels.

Do not get me started on the fact that the FCC allows commercials to be louder than the broadcast "to get your attention".

Craig Knapp