Trial Review Update

by Integrity - 7/4/09 11:54 AM

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I have almost completed my 6 month evaluation of my newly established ISP. I therefore believe this forum deserves an update at this time. On a scale of 0 to 10,. [Given that average is 6], my overall experienced rating would be a 3, only because I firmly believe there are probably worse ISP's out there.

On the PROS side of the equation:
The 6 month Trial cost is about $5/mo for regular & about $7.50/mo for compressed file High Speed service, that includes unlimited service with unlimited Windows support.
A service commitment contract is not required.
Received only 2 busy dial-up signals in the trial duration.
Obtained telephone support services in a timely manner after getting through their menus.

On the CONS side of the equation:
The initially given dial-up number received a server error during the entire trial.
Received server error messages during dial-up on a few other phone numbers.
Although initial net transmission throughput was good it deteriorated at various times, resulting transmission stoppage.
Hang-up and subsequent redial-up was required to reestablish net transmission, [surfing].
Repeated , well over 6, service attempts did NOT solve the transmission throughput problem, and 3 different recommended modem initialization string additions, only FROZE UP my Win XP Operating System, so that my only recourse was to depress the POWER OFF SWITCH, to reestablish XP operation.
Frequent interruptions with the following MESSAGE: The network link was interrupted while negotiating a connection. This sometimes requires REDIAL-UP.
The bandwidth meter appears to display incorrect information. When it depicts I am connected 48Kbs and downloading at about 6KB/s, my download manager and some malware up-daters indicate I am downloading at only about 4KB/s.
I found that now I am actually getting better overall system response by un-installing the Copper HS software.

My requirements for an Internet connection are threefold; Accurate, Repeatable, and Dependable.
My observation is that software in conjunction with its servers, does NOT provide a DEPENDABLE INTERNET CONNECTION. My further observation is that does NOT have adequate support to assist its CUSTOMERS in transmission problems.
Although part, if not all of Copper's problem is probably the Micro$scum OS, since Copper does NOT currently support Linux, [Ubuntu in my case], I do not currently recommend it.