did you figure it out?

by martinjfjr - 6/25/09 7:18 PM

In Reply to: famous GCL electreical problems by Mkotaich

i may have the answer to your problem...

i will need your help to diagnose it if you haven't figured it out already. I understand you're having trouble with it stalling unexpectedly and taking a while to start back? i have had the same problem with my 1999 and 2000 jeep grand cherokee limiteds. no dealer will fix it for you. they won't even tell you the problem. luckily i found a lot of helpful people on the internet. if you haven't figured it out yet...

do this first:

1) put the key in the ignition
2) turn the key to the point right before you are about to turn the engine over "ACC" PERFORM this step three time within 20 seconds and on the last time leave it in the "ACC" position

(the ACC position is where you can use all of your electricals but you can't turn the car on)

3) after the third time, some numbers will pop up in the odometer display (you can tell if you did this correctly because you will see the word "done" pop up on the display before the mileage is displayed again)

4) you might see P0320 or something similar.

if you see P0320, you need to change your crank position sensor. i can't remember the code for the camshaft position sensor, but it may flash on the odometer as well.

Any codes you get you can take to autozone and they will tell you what they mean for your car.

if you've been having this issue for a while, you've probably been killing your starter as you've probably been trying to get the vehicle started over and over. You might want to change your starter as well.

All in all, it should cost about $300 - $400 in parts. i did all the work myself and it took a little while, but i learned a lot about the car. let me know how it works out.