About Dell

by mopscare42 - 6/24/09 3:03 PM

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The computer got here and this one worked OK
Dell forgot to send a return label for the old computer so had to call them. I dreaded that but, I got some guy with Dell who was in Tennessee, He e-mailed the return labels, problem solved in 10 minutes.
I then tried to enter the new tag number which showed it was invalid, had to call Dell again. Couldn't believe it, but got a Dell employee in South Carolina. Problem taken care of in 10 more minutes.
I must retract some of the nasty remarks I made about Dell as the last two contacts with Dell could not have gone any better so I guess it is who a person is lucky enough or unlucky enough to get when calling Dell.
The Studio XPS 435T is a great, great computer and has exceeded my expectations.
I just hope I don't have to call tech support or customer service as the odds are I won't be so lucky again.