You are right, to a degree.

by mopscare42 - 6/20/09 10:43 AM

In Reply to: well give dell a break by fabianhow

I do agree with what you are saying as I know many people that have Dell computers and have had no problems at all for years, but they have never had to call tech support or customer service, that's where the trouble starts.
I could care less what country these people are in as long as they can speak understandable English and provide good tech support. The 10 or 15 I talked to could not do either. If the question you asked was not in their script they were lost. They need more training and that is Dell's fault.
This is not only Dell, but other companies like HP. The difference with HP is if you tell them you are hard of hearing and would like to talk to some one in the USA or Canada they will transfer you. Dell won't do that and try to make you feel like the bad guy for even asking.
I don't think all the people who work for Dell are idiots, I think it is policies that need to be looked at and changed and more training.