upside down vertically a problem??

by pana50 - 6/11/09 7:54 AM

In Reply to: Perfectly safe by 3rdalbum

hi all, i am finding this discussion interesting...just bought a pana th-50pz850a, so heavy i had to turn it upside down (vertically) to fix the stand, and later on i started to worry about maybe i shouldn't have done that.........too late anyway, i did it already, although i did not notice any damage anyway, but am still a bit concerned if that would have done something bad to the set (such as colour, clarity, etc. etc. etc......), can anyone help?

also, those who think it must sit upright, can you give further technical explanations (such as the gas inside might leak or get out of place etc....therefore affecting viewing quality) apart from purely for transporting safety's sake?