photo vs video sharing

by hjfok - 5/29/09 1:11 PM

In Reply to: photos v video by ericshenton

Sorry to drag this discussion further along, and off the original topic. But like I said earlier, some people prefer photos and some people prefer video, but most people do both. The preference is very personal. One way is not absolutely better than the other. If you look at how most people share their precious moments, there are more photo sites on internet than videos, mainly because it is much easier to share photos than videos. Nowadays, I share photos via internet much more frequently than other ways, and 99% of the time I share photos rather than video clips. So this definitely influence my preference in photos. But I still like my HD camcorder, and will sure enjoy those footage when my children grow up.

As for sharing unedited video footage, this may work with some people or families, but I think this is like watching the interview footage of the American Idol or sitting through a karaoke. There are a lot of boring, excess and somewhat distracting clips in most unedited video that you have to endure to enjoy the relatively short exciting and interesting moments. Not too many people like to sit for hours to watch someone else's home made uncut videos. So I usually will like to edit out the unwanted footage and put all the good clips together into an enjoyable movie. But the problem is that I don't have that much time to do this kind of editing, so there are piles of unedited videos waiting for me to work on one day, perhaps when I retire.
Making slide shows of photos on DVD is not the best way to share photos, especially if you view them on a HDTV. They take a long time to make and look awful on TV. There are media boxes or adaptors that can be used to view photos on TV directly from the memory card/stick or from the laptop. You can view the photos instantly and directly, and you can control what you want to show. And they look great, just like the computer monitor. Uploading photos on internet or sending them via the phone is fast and free. Uploading videos still take quite a while, and sometimes you may even need to pay for extra storage if your files exceed certain limits.
But again this is my preference, and for sure someone else will disagree.