photos v video

by ericshenton - 5/28/09 4:37 PM

In Reply to: photos and videos by hjfok

Yes you make some valid points about the relative merits of both video and stills. I wouldn`t make so much fuss about editing although for those who have no experience of video making it is held as a major hurdle. It only matters if you want to produce videos that try to be like a hollywood production. To be quite honest most of our footage is for home consumption only so only a basic clean up of out of focus shots and unsteady images is called for. DVDs can be made quite easily with a basic programme and you can add titles and dates that are all so important in the future when your memory of times and places is getting hazy!I have made slideshows of my digital stills and these need time spent putting them together so in the end the time spent in making a CD/DVD of digital photos is similar to a basic video edit.