Pre Focus taking Photos

by Hammerhead1964 - 5/27/09 8:20 PM

In Reply to: Find a place... by mwooge

Pushing the shutter down 1/2 way works fine EXCEPT on Polaroid (Hemorrhoid) cameras.
I have a PDC 3070 that my wife bought me as a replacement for a Fuji that went for a swim when I fell in a river when the bank gave way.
The shutter MUST be depressed all of the way to focus and if you want a date time stamp you must set the clock MANUALLY each time as it does not run. (This camera is a total joke) but I am glad to have it as we live on a low disability income and she saved for almost a year and a half to get it for me, so even though I cuss it out I am happy to have a digital camera.