nikon coolpix/olympus sp 570uz

by maggiedev - 5/25/09 5:10 AM

In Reply to: I Agree! by Hforman

i just bought a nikon coolpix for my 85 year old uncle. this is his first digital camera.. it certainly is not bulky. it is a very tiny little thing.. he just sent me copies of his very first photos and it seems to do an extremely good job. uncle was a topographer in WWII. he and his team mapped and photographed the islands of the south pacific(some held by the enemy) in advance of our troops. so, photography is no stranger to him.. he is a total novice to digital.. he found the nikon coolpix easy to learn, easy to carry and it took beautiful pictures. i am an olympus person myself.. i do not like tiny cameras. i have an olympus sp570uz. i can zoom out 25x and my macro is perfect. i have two settings for macro. it also gives you a choice of taking pics from 3mp to 10mp. i find it perfect in every way. so, we have a tiny camera and what some might consider a bulky camera. both outstanding and each suits its owner.