Camera as fast as a toddler

by ericshenton - 5/25/09 3:12 AM

In Reply to: Need a Camera as fast as my Toddler by toddlermom

You need a camcorder then you can forget about pressing the shutter at the right moment!
I have been a film camera/ camcorder user for over 40 years and can testify that the films of our children`s early years and now our grandchild, are watched more and give far more pleasure than any of the photographs that we have of them. Camcorders capture the moment with movement and sound.....far more true to life than any still picture. They are easy to operate and if you buy a modern HD camcorder you can take stills and print out photographs from the camcorder footage with the appropriate software. Don`t be tempted to try the other way round.....still cameras with a video facility are a poor compromise with heavily compressed video and awkward controls.