250GB vs 32GB

by make_or_break - 5/20/09 11:54 AM

In Reply to: Why don't you use an USB flash drive? by LucJs

That about says it...I think.

I have been using a 4GB stick for some time, but since I like using 320k or even WAV files it fills up pretty quickly. However with the price of external HD units these days it seem stupid paying $60 or $70 for a 32GB flash stick when for a few dollars more 250GB, 320GB or even 1TB (depending on which sale one catches at the right time) is readily available.

Hell, I don't mind wiring up the car for it if I have to; I've certainly done more than enough mobile mods in the past. Of course I'm lazy enough to prefer a lesser, non-lower back pain inducing route. So far the 80GB 5.5G iPod works reasonably well and I've found a good resting spot for it, and because the JVC h/u is one of those Made For iPod units it it actually has better navigation capabilities with the Apple player than it does with just a simple storage device (but only just). That said, even 80GB with uncompressed files only goes so far.