Ultra fast shots

by hjfok - 5/18/09 3:11 PM

In Reply to: A fast camera that has my fingers itching by jbk9255152

This may work in well lit or bright ambient light, but may not work well in lower light. Most of the situations that your camera becomes annoyingly slow and miss the moment is likely in low light, when the autofocus is slow, taking forever to hunt and lock in focus. Most cameras do not have problem with shutter lag in bright light, only if light becomes dim. In general, Casio also has more noise and lower image quality than others.

Here is a comment from a review, "The EX-F1, sad to say, is auto focus challenged, particularly in low light situations. We frequently found that the system refused to focus the first time we held the shutter down, only to lock in quickly and efficiently when we pressed it a second time, with no change in position or settings. Theres no rhyme or reason to the problem. It is worse when the lights or low, but even an outdoor scene with clearly defined edges can suffer from focus interruptus."

And here is a link to that review, http://www.digitalcamerainfo.com/content/Casio-EXILIM-EX-F1-Digital-Camera-Review-18683/Control-Options.htm

Here is another review about the newer and slimer model,

Despite the incredible fast speed on paper, lack of image quality is still a significant draw back (poor high ISO noisy photos are not uncommon in cameras of this category). This is somewhat like a machine gunshot approach, take 60 shots and hopefully a few will be in focus and useable.