Toddler's photos

by hjfok - 5/14/09 6:42 PM

In Reply to: Need a Camera as fast as my Toddler by toddlermom

Taking toddlers photos are more difficult than most people think. They move fast from place to place and do not have patience to pose for anyone. You literally have a split second to capture the moment. I know because I have a very active toddler and that is the reason I got my D-SLR system. The most difficult ones are low light and indoor photos. Shutter lags are the worst when light is dim. But since you don't want to carry D-SLR, finding a compact camera that can have decent performance in low light is going to be challenging.
The Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX3 has a very fast lens f/2.0 which can be a great help in taking low light photos. But it does not zoom out much, which may not be a problem since you are usually within a short distance from your toddler anyways. You should learn at least to use the semi-auto modes like aperture-priority, it's easy and will help you to take better toddler photos.