New Dell laptop on 3rd harddrive

by shamus53 - 5/13/09 2:30 PM

In Reply to: Getting a new computer? Already have one? by TONI H

Have 4+mo. old Dell Studio 1530 Laptop (Intel Core Duo T5850 320 gb hd 3 gb). Am now on our third! hard drive.Two questions - on your point in #2 below;given the proprietary nature of Dell's disks, will this new HD make the Master/Recovery disk that came with the computer and its original HD obsolete or can I still use the original disks that came with the computer as needed? Also I am perplexed as to why this continues to happen. The only clue I have is that my daughter was on the computer both times when we lost the HDs-she is constantly on Itunes and uploading photos for her wallpaper,etc.Don't know what software she was using to do this.Do you or anyone else have any ideas why this happens or is there a history with this model? Help- shamus