power windows and door locks

by nvltgo - 5/13/09 10:12 AM

In Reply to: Relay... BCM by Cat5 Cane

reading these posts i observed discussions on two seperate problems.
1) you can hear the motor trying to move the window but it doesn,t

2) erratic operation of windows and door locks.

These are two very different problems.

For numbedr one, that is a broken window regulator assembly that would need to be replaced.

For number two, that is a software problem with the door modules that would need to be reprogrammed by a dealer.

Is reprogramming and technical service bulletins done for free by the dealerships? NO!!!!

The only time either of these are done by a dealership for free is if your vehicle is still under warranty.

The only things that are done by a dealership for free after your vehicle is out of warranty are federraly mandated vehicle recalls. If your vehicle has a recall on it you would receive a letter telling you this in the mail and instructing you to go to your dealership for repair.