Still no luck...

by BakerMan1974 - 5/13/09 9:51 AM

In Reply to: Thanks for the suggestion by BakerMan1974

I've taken a bit of a break from trying to connect to Xbox live but I'm back at it again.

After my last call to MS they told me that I had to call Linksys and have them walk me through opening the port on the router that I needed for my Xbox to work.

I did this and then downloaded PF port checker and all of the ports are open except port 80. I still got a DNS failure. I then called Linksys back and they said that I opened the ports right and as far as the router is concerned they are open. Then told me that I needed to call AT&T and have them open the port at their end.

I called AT&T and they told me that they don;t open ports at their end due to security reasons and that since I can access the internet on my computer that the port isn't the problem.

I then called MS and they had me do all of the basic trouble shooting stuff again. Then he had me connect the Xbox directly to the modem, (which doesn't work either, with that I get an IP address failed, not the usual DNS failed like I do with the router). He then had me get the physical Mac address from my computer and enter that into the Xbox. That didn't work, it still failed the IP address test.

At this point the tech told me to call Linksys back and have them do something with the Upnp on my router. I couldn't really understand what he was talking about.

Now I am sure that there are people out there that have AT&T as their ISP and that are connected to Xbox live. But I do know that if my computer loses it's internet connection or if I restart it I have to enter in a user name and password to get the connection back. I don't know if this is just and AT&T thing or if all DSL providers require this? But could this be the reason that I get the IP failed when my xbox is connected directly to the modem, and if so how do all of the other people using AT&T get around it?

Could this be a problem with the Xbox itself. I would think that if it were a problem with the Xbox then I wouldn't get the IP failed when I connect direct to the modem and the DNS failed when I connect to the router.

PLEASE feel free to offer up any help or suggestions would be great.