what should I do?

by JINUWINLADY - 4/26/09 1:43 PM

In Reply to: Getting a new computer? Already have one? by TONI H

I purchased a 17 in HP dv-1273d,Windvista, Intel centrino, blueray player, Webcame, mediasmart, nvidia geforce 9600M w 512MB, at Costco for 1080.00 no warranty, insurance for damage purchased. ( I think I need it).

"Staples" state they have the same one for hundreds less, they say the only difference is it is 320md instead of this one which has 500mb. Both are 4gb

I'm going to begin to open a small business, game alittle, and occassionally might watch a dvd.....

have alot of files.

cons... this one is really large and heavy, but I could deal with it... Staples 15.4 " is even less and they say I would only be loosing the blue ray... what is your advice?

Thank you,