03 Jeep grand cherokee

by trustbeats - 4/25/09 2:42 PM

In Reply to: 2000 JGC stalls when warm outside by jdettlaff

Heres my situation. May car would randomly shut off while Im driving. Highways and local roads, stops and turns. No signs that the car was going to shut off. In the early stages it would just start back up and not do it again for the day. then, it started being more frequent and hesitate before starting again. Now it is to the point the other day where I drove it across the street to the car wash and couldnt get it started up. Even after a few hours it wouldnt turn over. Then after a while all I heard were clicks when I turned the key. My friend tried to come and give me a jump and it didnt work so we pushed the car back to my apartment and left it there to sit. 2 days later I go the car and it starts no problem and so I just drove it from the front of my complex to the back where I live. Now its just sitting there. What would cause it not to start up that day but start up 2 days later like nothing happened? The car couldnt have been warm because I only drove it 500ft from my apartment to directly across the street to the car wash and it wouldnt start up 20 minutes after I washed my car but did 2 days later? SOMEONE HELP ME PLEASE?