2000 JGC stalls when warm outside

by jdettlaff - 4/24/09 1:31 PM

In Reply to: 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee - Stalls When Warm by mg0614

I have a 2000 jeep GC 125000K. Last fall it started stalling on me while moving slow or fast, and while idle or stopped in park. As fall turned to winter the problem stopped but now that spring is here ONLY on warmer days 50 deg plus will it stall again, i replaced the crank shaft pos sensor. Oh, and when it does stall i pull over to the side try starting engine will crank but not start. and when I turn the key to the ON position none of the dash gauges move except for the battery gauge and that moves ever so slightly almost not noticeable. As I turn the key ON to OFF w/o trying the start, only when I turn it to the ON pos AND the guage work normally will it start. May take 30 seconds to 5 minutes of turning the key for the gauges to work. It must have something to do with over heating. I am fairly mech inclined, plus father is very capable but is also stumpped