All the posts are NOT a waste of time - and here is why

As we all know, a class action suit may occur when many different people combine their similar complaints. This saves court time and allows a single judge to hear all the concerns at the same time, and come to one settlement for all parties. If the court agrees to certify the complaints as a class action, all class members should have equal say and rights to any monies or remedies ordered by the court.

There are several requirements to consider when attempting to form a new class action case. Simplified, these are:
1. Numerosity - adequate number of plaintiffs
2. Commonality - common damages and legal issues
3. Typicality - each class member's claim must come from the same
event, and must make the same legal argument

The following law firm will listen to what we have to say:

So, as I said in my last post, I am a certified paralegal (also a law student) and will help if necessary.
Thank you.