If you are now a PC user stick with it. Do waste your money

I would buy a super computer in a second over anything apple. They are way overpriced and can not touch the performance of the PC components. The new games come out for PC. There is a million times more software. The only good reason I have ever seen anyone change to apple other than curiosity is if they are going into video production. The Finalcut pro and a handfull of other programs Livetype etc.. Are only available on MAC. That's about it. You would have to learn a new OS and with Win 7 coming out and being familiar with that Don't Change PLEASE. Save yourself from the pain of wasted time. I would even build this super computer for you for a price that is probably 3/4 of what you are looking at right now. On top of that It is easy to upgrade components in the future. With the way things are changing this is an important point. I could write all day on trying to make my point here but I think that you get the gist of it.