It's a BEFSR41 v 4.3

by BakerMan1974 - 4/17/09 7:39 AM

In Reply to: Which Model Linksys? by sunwatcher

I went to and opened the ports, downloaded a port checker to make sure that the ports were open. All of the six ports that microsoft had me open were open except for TCP 80. For some reason that port won't open. I've read that some ISP's block that port, and if that's the case I quess it's back to linksys and Xbox 360 tech support to find out what to do next because I still get a DNS failure even with 5 of the 6 ports open.

I thought about just plugging straight into the modem but when I try that I get an IP failure. I think that might be because ATT/SBC requires a password to access the broadband signal so that doesn't seem to be an option.