Ok...that didn't work

by BakerMan1974 - 4/16/09 10:10 AM

In Reply to: Some more info by BakerMan1974

So I called microsoft and was instructed to call Linksys and have the ports opened.

I googled opening ports and read a few articles on how to do it so that I would have an idea when I called Linksys. When I did call them they didn't hae me do what I read about. They had me go into port triggering and enter the port numbers there. After getting off of the phone with them I tested my connection and it still failed.

Is there anything that anyone can think of that might be wrong? I called back my ISP (AT&T/SBC) to get the DNS #'s again to make sure that I wrote them down right.

I just don't understand why I can surf the web on my computer but the router won't let the xbox 360 through.