Ancient-one is right on

by dueserdo - 4/12/09 5:22 PM

In Reply to: Digital - vs - Dsl by Ancient-One

I am a photo amature but know a little about cameras. I purchased the Panasonc FZ-28. Its the most for the money and has more features for a camera under $395. I also like to see live music at some of the clubs I go to. When I switch to the movie mode, I can take HD movies at 720P resolution and play them back on my plasma TV. I can take 1 hour of video with my 16 gig SDHC memory card. Any camera that can do this with high quality video and audio, and also give you 18X zoom and 10 Mega pixel, is the camera to get. If there is another camera out there that can do all this for under $400. I would like to what it is.