Would you shoot a wedding with a p&s? Never! Seriously.

by bishopp14 - 4/11/09 6:53 PM

In Reply to: very serious by pjhansman

I believe what Sugith1 was saying was that serious photographers use digital SLRs, not that they would never use a p&s. I am a professional photographer and I would never dream of shooting a wedding with a p&s...EVER. However I also own a small p&s for times when having my giant camera (Nikon D3) hanging around my neck isn't a desirable option. Photography is a labor of love and if you are serious about your photography the weight and cost of an SLR are more that acceptable. If you love photography and you can't afford to invest in an SLR then by all means, get a p&s. Just don't cheep out on one. More often than not you're getting what you pay for. The truth is (and I've read this on here a few times already) there is no right or wrong "universal" answer. Also take into consideration how large you want to print your photographs. I'll give you an example: The Nikon D3 is a 12 megapixel pro-grade d-slr with a full format sensor. The new Nikon D3x is a 24 megapixel pro-grade d-slr with the same size sensor. Well logically the D3x can create prints 2wice the size of the D3 and that sounds great but there is a huge catch. To fit those 24 megapixel on the same sized image sensor the light sensitive pixels must be half the size of the d3's. That means that you greatly sacrifice your image quality when shooting in higher ISOs. Basically it becomes an $8000.00 full format D300 (a step down from the D3). Not that the D300 is a bad camera, but $8,000.00 really?? I got off on a tangent there but what I'm trying to say is yes if you want to (and can afford to) take your photography seriously then get a digital-SLR. Just be careful because while you do get what you pay for, all that glitters is not gold.