Achieving Shallow Depth of Field by using compact super-zoom

by singhlin - 4/10/09 10:11 PM

In Reply to: If you're serious then go for it by kalel33

Shallow Depth of Field (separation of the subject from the background) can be achieved by either maximizing the aperture size or maximizing the focal length or both. Compact super-zoom digital camera can achieve Shallow Depth of Field by maximizing the focal length, i.e., zooming all the way out to such as 20X optical zoom. In other words, I stand pretty far (e.g., 15 feet) from a beautiful flower to take a close up picture of the flower by zooming all the way out to the maximum focal length. In this way, the flower is well focused and clear, but all other things in the background behind the flower or in front of the flower are out of focus and are blurred.

Sing Lin