Digital - vs - Dsl

by Ancient-One - 4/10/09 9:44 PM

In Reply to: If you're serious then go for it by kalel33

As a retired Commercial Photographer - I'll put my two cents in.
Obviously - all those who advocated how much better a DSL is are users of such. However, they apparently do not know much about those digital cameras that offer "almost" the same quality shooting, with only one lense -- without having to spend a small fortune on lenses. So I say to all those who are neophyte beginning photographers . . . DO YOUR HOMEWORK - and don't be fooled into believing you cannot get great shots without spending a fortune for all the different lenses you need -- to get great shots. When I retired I sold off all of by equipment and did not touch a camera for several years. Then, when I decided to do some shooting, I spent over 6 weeks of every evening - checking out all digital cameras features - including DSLs - I mainly compared the features, THEN I compared the cost. I finally decided on a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ30. It has more features of any of the others and the total cost was 699.00 (That was 3-4 years ago - they are even cheaper now) Why Lumix? 12X OPTICAL - crisp "Leica lens" - which I never have to change - which goes from (35mm equivilent) 28mm to 480mm - has auto focus - on demand or full time -- and HAS MACRO close-up to 1.5" (think it is) and the menu gives you a ton of easy settings -- for all types of shooting -- Manual -- Automatic - and Programed - (like most) And the thing that really impressed me was the huge viewing screen that folds out and also swivels. - Those people who said you can't use it in bright light, well, guess they never heard of building a small "barndoor" that fits over it for use in bright sun - blocking out most of the glare.
I love this camera and have used it more than most people would, and have had no problems whsoever. Only changes I made was a 2 gig memory chip.
Like I said, before you go running out to buy a DSL and then spend 10 times what you spent for the camera -- for your bag of lenses, Try this camera -- if you like it fine, if not, you can always go to a DSL later. AGAIN - do your homework. Last -- I have seen the new Lumix DMC-FZ50 on sale --- for around 495.00 If I ever drop this one, I'll buy another and the later model.