that's easy: size or quality?

by luminova - 4/10/09 8:57 PM

In Reply to: If you're serious then go for it by kalel33

what's your need? do you have this NEED to have NEAR PERFECT extremely high quality photos? or do you want a camera that's cheaper and smaller, has more automatic settings, and easier to carry around.

remember this advice: ALWAYS test the camera out before buying it!!!! just because it takes 8 Megapixels doesn't mean it takes very good quality at the 1:1 zoom level. This goes for the dSLR or the regular camera.

remember, a regular camera (a good one) will take good quality JPEG photos, and videos on top of that. and if you get enough MP it will make up for quality loss at the 1:1 level. I recommend the compact consumer camera, but if you're into photography, go with the dSLR.