Different cameras suit different needs

A very wide range zoom as fitted to compact cameras is always a balance of conflicting needs however for most people's purposes the performance is adequate. If macro is really important the macro feature on a SLR zoom lens will also not be optimum. A quite costly fixed length macro lens would be required. If you are happy with your present macro performance you will find other compacts will give the same results. Look for a review of a particular model on the Internet and you will often find shots taken by the camera that you can check. However for bird photography the camera features to look for are very quick shutter response time and the ability to take a rapid burst of images. You also need the ability to set a high ISO - 1600 or higher so that you have a good focus range with a fast shutter speed. Then you will get good shots of birds in flight. Lens zoom range is not too important - beyond x10 camera movement will probably give you images that are no better than you will get by epanding your images in your photo editing software. Optical image stabilizing is essential and having a wide angle setting for the zoom lens of 28mm equivalent will give you a lot more good shots than a 35mm equivalent lens. I presently carry a 6x zoom Canon compact and a Canon SLR. I plan to move to a Canon compact camera such as the Canon SX1 IS and leave the other two at home. The variable angle LCD display on this camera is again a must have if you are taking flower macro images.