Which Camera Should I Buy?

If you are serious about photography and have the money then jump into a DSLR. Since I am a photographer I will give you the problems with the pro stuff. First, to take good pictures you need lighting. A Macro is best in natural light. Therefore, only a DSLR with an ISO of 3200 or more is important. This requirement cost. When you have such a camera made by Nikon or Canon you need lenses to go with it...a macro, a portrait lens, a standard 50mm, and a couple of telephotos. All expensive and a pain to carry and change quickly. I use a variable Tamaron lens 18mm to 250mm with a built in macro to make things easier.
But if you don't want to spend a fortune or deal with all this stuff, get a point and shoot ($350) with an anti-shake system and a variable tele with at least a 12X zoom. Use Consumer Report or Photography or even Goodle to pick one. They'll give you the performance rundown.