Compact or DSLR

Have got what was a top of range compact and am member of a top photographic website and results are just as good as those with DSLR.

My current machine is an Olympus SP500-UZ 6.1MP 10x zoom two macro settings and is 4 years old and still does the busines, am into macro myself and many of the pro's on the site I use can't believe the quality. My model has has 3 newer models since SP 565 UZ and the SP 570 uz (18x zoom 10MP) but these models have now been superceded by the SP590UZ with 25x optical 5x digital two macro settings 12MP and great reviews. Comes in around the 350 - 400 mark.

Think the salesman was just after your money and commission because to get similar results to the Olympuses (even my old model) you'll need to part with 600 - 800 because the lenses are extortionately priced.

Best thing is to read reviews in the camera mags or online to make your choice, but don't forget compacts are getting better all the time.

Good luck in your search.

Mark B-S