If you're serious then go for it

You just have to weigh out the positives and negatives

Superzoom camera

-good photos straight out of the camera in auto modes
-very flexible zoom range

-not very good with high ISOs or indoors without a flash
-You won't get that separation of the subject from the background
-does macro, but not 1:1 macro


-much faster
-can choose lens that are better designed for different types of photography
-viewfinder is great
-the glass you buy can be used on all the later body purchases
-shallow depth of field gives you that separation of the subject from the background
-great high ISO and indoor shots without flash(with the necessary lens)

-much larger(especially with added lens)
-the equivalent focal range of a superzoom camera means buying more lens
-expensive hobby(you can easily spend more on one decent lens than the body)
-photos are dull and not sharp straight out of the box(this can be fixed in post production or setting up the camera to your preferences)
-There is a definite learning curve to getting very good/great shots. Using a DSLR as a point and shoot turns out photos that aren't that much different than a point and shoot(stay away from the green box)
-higher dynamic range

The Canon system is a great choice and so is Nikon. If you go with Canon and want to do macros, then look at the 60mm macro prime lens(if you're on a budget), and it can be used as a very nice portrait lens. There are some great macro lens out there.

The biggest question you have to ask is whether you will use it enough. There are some that have bought a DSLR, but leave it at home because of the size, or because of the learning curve(it's not rocket science...just takes practice and studying). I probably missed some pros and cons, so others will help out.