Even though this is a old thread I wanna share my thoughts

by vfz3dinans1 - 3/17/09 5:24 PM

In Reply to: My Swiss Mercedes driving friends said... by gary85739

The Z3 sooner or later will become a timeless classic. Even though the M Roadster out performs a Z3 in almost every turn, truth be told, the M is a entirely different car and the Z3 is a pure classic BMW roadster that screams simplicity. Unlike the M roadster the Z has that unmistakable gill cut outs that sit perfect with the blue and white roundel. I recommend if you pick up a Z3 that it be either a 2.8i or a 3.0i manual.

This car is a highly very attractive looking piece of machinery that should never let you feel as if youre driving a girly car. These roadsters will never be cooler to the outside world as they will be to you the driver and to the hot waitress that got taken by its breath taken appeal.

This car was quoted as looking like Pam Anderson without her make up lol. Just the curves without the cover up. My friend made a comment once that the car was too good looking for a male and I simply responded if you cannot handle a sexy car then how could you handle a sexy women.

This would be a fine choice in my opinion to own. BMW Roadsters are handled only by the enthusiast that knows a good thing when he seess it.
This is not a car that you should buy expecting to blow the wheels off other motor heads, but would be a car you buy TO MAKE A BLUNT STATEMENT. And that statement is I drive Bavarian Motor Works cars and if I drive a roadster you bet youre A$$ it will be a Bimmer!

Black on Black 3.0i Manual wont let you down.