2000 Jeep Cherokee electrical problems


Would like to help but I'm lost on 2000 G Cherokees... I guess Jeep changed the design in 99. Checked and couldn' find a diagram of fuse box to tell me info

What does number 12 fuse control? Maybe nothing to do with problem but is semi connected to major issue!

Assume you used a scanner... what codes were shown?

Have you owned the car long? if not, then check history, cost about $20 bucks.
Carfax... http://www.carfax.com/cfm/general_check.cfm?partner=GAH_3&CMP=KNC-Google

Has the car been in a flood?... could produce same problems with bad wiring connections

Have you checked for Recalls and service Bullitins?

Jeep charges $99 for diagnostics... If other mechanics can't find, maybe best solution.

That all I got, maybe someone with better knowledge can help more...
Cat... Good luck!